Swoop 2

Swoop 2
Swoop 2
Faction Autobot
Rarity Super Rare
Sell Price 5122
Max Level Bonus Attack +30%
Specialization Ranged
Class Spec-Ops
Max Level 65
Trans-Scan Bonus Attack +15%
Robot Locations Log-in Rewards
Alt Locations Log-in Rewards
Signature Weapon Swoop’s Weapon 2
Quote Although somewhat of a show-off, SWOOP is the friendliest of all the DINOBOTS. His alt-form, however, is horrifying to both allies and enemies. Though he’s a top aerial combatant, and considers fear to be his greatest weapon.



  • Robot/Alt Card Basic Attack is 2779, Health is 7322 and Defense is 476 total of 10577.
  • Robot/Alt Card Max Attack is 7187, Health is 16373 and Defense is 1914 total of 25474.
  • Trans-Scan Max (MTM) Attack is 12936, Health is 29471 and Defense is 3445 total of 45852 MTM.




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