Transformers Legends Events

June 8, 2013 0

Events modify gameplay in two primary ways: by adding special themed cards, and by offering “Boss Battles”. “Episode” cards are rare ‘hero’ cards that players […]

Transformers Legends Medals

June 8, 2013 0

Medals are rewards given at specific point of the game. This can be either when you reach the next XP level for normal gameplay or […]

Transformers Legends Allies

June 8, 2013 0

Allies are players in your “friend list” whom you can cheer every day to gain Ally Points. Each ally gives you 10 ally points that […]

Transformers Legends Base

June 8, 2013 0

The base is where all your cards are stored. This is the place where you can sell unwanted Transformer character and weapon cards for Credits. […]

Transformers Legends Battle

June 8, 2013 0

In Standard Battles you deplete a Battle Cube each time you challenge a player. Each side has a Battle Team of nine units, and the […]

Currency in Transformers Legends

June 8, 2013 0

Official in-game currency includes CyberCash (Mobacoin), Credits, Battle Points and Ally Points. CyberCash: CyberCash is also known as Mobacoin. It is purchased in the in-game […]

Transformers Legends Introduction

June 7, 2013 0

Transformers Legends is a multiplayer card-based battle game published by Mobage for mobile devices. Released for Android devices on December 13, 2012 and iOS devices […]